Remarkable Kids Luxury Couture


What do We Stand for?

We believe that every little girl deserves a remarkable dress that suits her personality and provokes her imagination, confidence, and gracefulness.

Established since 2017 in Jakarta-Indonesia, CABRIOLLE is a meant to be remarkable high fashion for kids. Each piece of Cabriolle collection is meticulously designed and filled with unique details. It uses only the finest material from all over the world based on haute couture standard in order to create an authentic, glamorous, elegant and sophisticated design.

Cabriolle’s mission is to bring the kids luxury fashion to a new level. Luxury fashion is not just about being glamorous and expensive. Luxury fashion for kids need to have extra value beyond its style and materials. For us, a luxury fashion should has deeper design philosophy that can help to boost every kids’ self-esteem by wearing it. Kids love to ware Cabriolle’s dress not just because of its beauty dan glamourous, but they love it because they can feel more imaginative, confident, and graceful.

In the future, we believe that by emphasizing the values of authenticity, superb quality, and sophisticated design, Cabriolle will become an innovative trend setter in kids high fashion market. We would love to see the kids all over the world can experience a moment of being remarkable.

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