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We believe that fashion is not just about making a beautiful and comfortable apparel. In order to create a good fashion, we need a high quality material and sophisticated tailoring. To design a high fashion, we need to start with philosophy and mindset which are focusing on the personality and character of the person who will be wearing it.

Philosophy of Fashion

Fashion is an expression of art that reflects the inner style and charm of each individual.

Style in fashion is the way of expressing ourselve through what we ware. We believe that personality and lifestyle are the key fators of choosing a right style for any person, which will help to evoke her self esteem.

Characters in Style

There is no one has exactly same personality with others, therefore we create a variety of styles’ combination that could enhance one’s character and suit her lifestyle.

In general, Cabriolle design style is a combination several fashion style which are exotic, elegant, sophisticated . These three styles are mostly embraced and combined in each Cabriolle collection which resulting in an authentic, unique, and remarkable high fashion character.

Each of these styles has its own strong characters. In exotic style, it is catacterized with extra ordinary color and pattern. This style could make you looks mysterious and intriguing with the combination of its colors, embroidery, or prints. In the elegant fashin style, refinement and glamour are the key factors. The person with this style will feel at her best and looks stunning. In the other hand, the sophisticated style is more focusing on impeccable tailoring and timeless style. This outfit is expressing a sense of stability and comfort.

In all Cabriolle’s collection, we have abundant of designs to choose from. Its of the designs has its on personality and stong points. In order to help you to choose the right design for yourself or customers, we have devided our designs in 3 categories which named Royal-Heritage, Ballerina, and Fairy Tale. You can explore these design categories in the following section of THEME AND CHARACTER

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