Remarkable Kids Luxury Couture


Expressive passion of a Self Taught Fashion Designer

Born in year 1983, Yenni Gowindra’s love and passion in fashion has been elaborated since her childhood. Assisted by her mother, she started to create dresses for her dolls since she was 6 years old. She really enjoyed exploring her unique imagination in making dolls’ dresses with exceptional attention on detail. Her love and passion in fashion has grown even stronger until her twenties, she started designing dresses for herself and her friends. However, she decided to study interior design in university instead of fashion design. This is because the carrier as interior designer was more prospective than fashion designer at the time.

In 2006 she got married to an architect and started her career as an interior designer by collaborating with her husband. After several years of practicing as interior designer she felt that her carrier cannot fulfil her excitement in design. She cannot express and explore her imagination freely due to the limitation of her client’s requirements.

Since her daughter born in 2007, Yenni’s excitement in fashion appeared again by making dresses for her daughter. She found herself more enjoying fashion design than interior design, she loved to make dresses for her own and her daughter in her spare time. Her talent in fashion was improved dramatically by applying her knowledge of interior design into fashion world.

Encouraged by her husband, apparently in 2012 she decided to start her professional career in fashion design which was her deepest desire. As a fashion designer, she wanted to create luxury and unique, and impeccable design that represent her style. In her creation, she only used the finest material and the true craftsmanship that focusing on the details. With her exceptional attention, she transformed every single piece of fabric into a unique and extraordinary design. She always has time to oversee the finest details on every design in order to create remarkable result that describe its own unique identity.

In 2017, Yenni intended to bring her fashion carrier to the next level. Inspired by her daughter middle name, CABRIOLLE, which means “Adorable” in French, she is thrilled to create a remarkable kid’s luxury couture internationally. She had conviction that the world would appreciate her design which is inspiring kids to be remarkable, imaginative, and confident.

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