Remarkable Kids Luxury Couture

Spring - Summer 2018

Beauty in Enchanted Kingdom

Beauty in Enchanted Kingdom

The collection of Beauty in Enchanted Kingdom has 30 extra ordinary pieces which are inspired from a story in a world of enchanment and dream. Its the world where all kids are encourage to bravely be themself with a limitless imagination. There is no will be left behind and underestimated, everybody could always be their best and experincing the moment of remarkable.

This collection is divided into 3 distinctive categories which are Royal Heritage, Ballerina and Fairytale. Each category has its own uniqueness and character that will suit certain kid’s special personality. Amongs this 30 outstanding luxury dresses, you will find a fascinating dress for your special one to have a remarkable experience and imagination in her life and dreams.

Royal Heritage

Royal Heritage collection is designed for little princesses who wants to feel at their best and stunning like the royalty.

The category of Royal Heritage captures the life of princesses in magnificent royal palace with sophisticated interiors, huge stairs, light of dazzling chandeliers, sparkling crystals and beautiful element in a wall. The glamorous of this elegant designs in this category are created with magnificent embroidery and crystals that serves as a reminder of ultimate style and beauty. Each design of this category is a unique form immersed in intricate detail and exquisite fabrics. The creation emanates elegance, luxury, glamorous with exquisite sense of craftsmanship and vision of extraordinary style.


The excitement of ballerinas twirling in the grand ballroom of a palace is captured as the personality in the Ballerina category. Ballerina collection represents playful, charming yet feminine in modern way. Ballerina designs are also enhanced by agnificent embroidery and shine of crystals.

The sense of stability and comfort of this sophisticated design will stimulates emotion and makes little girls want to twirl with excitement. Your little ballerina will feel so special, she will love the way the layers of ruffled tulle swishing and rippling as she moves.

Fairy Tale

The exotic Fairy-Tale collection is designed for a brave little princesses who has unbound dreams and imagination to explore the magical journey.

The Fairy Tale category are imaginatively expressing whimsical elements of flying butterflies, colorful singing birds, beautiful flowers in the garden of the palace, and the fairy sitting on the leaf and blowing a pixie dust. The mysterious and intriguing designs of this category are created with extraordinary embroidery and crystals specialized pleated tulle and many other finest materials which will bewitch all eyes, down to every last detail.

Design Gallery of Spring Summer 2018 Collection

These are the 30 designs of Cabriolle’s first collection, which are debuted at Vancouver Fashion Week 2017. These designs are appreciated as one of the most stunning collection during the event. Check it out !!! which one is your favorite ?



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